Athlete at Rest


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Happy 2015


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Running on Water

Grateful to work with Muneer, a great person and athlete. I thought it might be fun to have him sprint across a shallow pool of water, so I built one.  He was game to jump in and his fiancé Dominique helped to bring it together.

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Colossal at Mixed Blood Theater

Football in a theater?  I was blown away last night when I walked into Mixed Blood’s theater to find it transformed into a football stadium.  Bleachers, score boards, a green stage and a dozen football players (actors) completed the scene. I was there to photograph the archive during a complete run of the play before it goes public this Thursday. I always consider photographing a theatrical archive akin to photographing a new sport in the dark while stumbling over chairs, well, (shhh not a football fan) this is close to that analogy.  Mixed Blood is a great culture to be a part of, the show is amazing, and if you desire you can see it for free (just don’t mention my name) :).  By the way, it’s about more than football.

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Passing Strange

Passing Strange Dress performance.

Passing Strange Dress performance.

So lucky to be working with every single person at Mixed Blood Theater.  So much talent on stage and off makes this show a blast to photograph.

Great story, music, and dance. Check it out, it’s running the next few weeks!

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