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Mixed Blood Theater PR for PV

Mixed Blood 2015 Pussy Valley

Created for an upcoming show about the lives and athleticism of pole dancers in the rural south.  Lucky to have a great team to plan and create this with, along with 5 great people in front of the camera!

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Skin Deep


I am constantly dreaming, researching and making lists of what and how I want to photograph different subjects. I met Kenzi through my friend Trista.  I love Kenzi’s freckles and immediately asked to photograph her.  Although I was initially drawn to photograph her because of her freckles I was grateful to find she is truly a kind and generous person (and fantastic to work with).

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Hir Created for Mixed Blood Theater



Created for PR a month before production on location in Minneapolis at a fantastic house with the help of the wonderful folks at Mixed Blood Theater. The performance is up and running and is described as:  “simultaneously a farcical and disarming satire, a discourse on power, and a blistering critique of “troglodyte fascist hetero-normative” culture.”   I am pretty sure my image speaks to that. 😉

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Back in Black


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Athlete at Rest


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